“Let Freedom Ring” Contest

U.S. History teacher Mr. Lindley is hosting an original essay and art contest open to all students attending PHS. Rules and prizes are listed below.



  • the contest is open to all students of Paoli Junior-Senior High School, grades 7-12.
  • essays must be submitted online to Mr. Lindley (lindleyc@paoli.k12.in.us) no later than 8:15am on November 4. Artistic pieces may be submitted online or brought to Mr. Lindley’s room (Room 131) by 8:15am on November 4.
  • only one entry per student (cannot enter both essay and artistic expression)
  • all entries are final and cannot be revised after submission
  • the decisions of the judges are final




  • essay
    • must relate to the theme
    • must be typed, double-spaced
    • must contain no more than 500 words.
    • must be your original work Plagiarism means dismissal from the contest
    • the student of the winning essays will be invited to read his or her  essay at the school’s Veterans Day program on November 11. If the student is uncomfortable reading in front of the student body, a faculty member or another student will read the essay.


  • Artistic expression
    • must relate to the theme
    • must be original work
    • may be two-dimensional art (may not exceed standard posterboard size)
    • may be three-dimensional art (but must be able to be transported by one person and fit within a 2’x2’x2’ space).
    • the artistic expressions placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be on display before the Veterans Day program.


Judging and prizes


  • judging will be conducted by a panel of at least three members, one of whom will be non-faculty.
  • rubrics will be utilized for judging the entries and are available to students who enter the contests.
  • student submissions will remain anonymous during judging.
  • Prizes in each category include: 1st place = $50, 2nd place =$25


This year’s theme:

“What I Value Most About America”

Celebrate My Drive!

Paoli SADD is excited to partner with Celebrate My Drive, State Farm and all of YOU to celebrate teen driver safety. Don’t forget to make your daily commitment in support of our school at http://www.celebratemydrive.com. Have you asked your friends and family to make a daily safe driving commitment? We can all be safer drivers. Let’s do this- and let’s all commit to drive 2N2 every trip: 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and was first observed in 1987. People all across the nation participate in activities that work towards preventing violence in relationships. The “NO MORE” campaign wants to end domestic violence and sexual assault by encouraging others to speak up and help end the silence. For more information, please contact Mrs. Long or Mrs. Harrison from Hoosier Hills PACT.

Congratulations to the Fall Homecoming Court of 2014!

Freshmen Allie Lowe and Tyler Smith

Sophomres Jaylin Busick and Kaison Ames

Juniors Erika Andis and Carter Chastain

Seniors girls nominated for queen are Becca Lowe, Riley Lowe, Kaitlyn Ingle, Livi Brewster, and Savanah Patton

Senior boys nominated for king are Ruger Gill, Tyler Hooten, Michael Fullington, Cameron Shupe, and Mark Miles.

Candidates, please check your email and stop by and see Ms. Fullington in room 114.

Fall Homecoming Nominees

Paoli Jr. Sr. Homecoming will take place Friday, October 3 just before kick-off.

The following students were nominated to represent their class:
9th grade:  Allie Lowe and Tyler Smith
10th grade:  Jaylin Busick and Kaison Ames
11th grade:  Carter Chastain and Erika Andis
Senior Queen candidates are:  Riley Lowe, Becca Lowe, Kaitlyn Ingle, Livi Brewster, and Savanah Patton
Senior King candidates are:  Ruger Gill, Michael Fullington, Cameron Shupe, Tyler Hooten, and Mark Miles.

JH Choir Practice


Photos by: Emilee Waynick

Supermileage Team Needs Old Electronics!

Did you know that portable electronics like cell phones contain toxic substances including Arsenic, Antimony, Beryllium, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, and Zinc? The cadmium from a single phone is capable of polluting 158,200 gallons of water or the equivalent of 1.2 million 16-ounce drinks. These toxic substances leach into soil and groundwater from landfills. To help prevent the pollution of our environment, the Supermileage team is conducting a portable electronics recycling drive. We are collecting old, used, and broken, cell phones, Ipads, tablets, inkjet cartridges, ipods, and smart watches. The devices can be old, broken, and worn out. They do not need to be working or have their charger. Help the environment by bringing your old electronics to Mr. Goodman’s room to recycle and receive a free popsicle. This drive will run until September 27.

Sports Results From 9/9/14

The Combined Junior High Cross Country team was at Northeast Dubois Jr high with the following result(s):

The boys won and the girls team came in 2nd. There were 25 runners in each race.


Rachel Umpleby- 2nd

Kimana Knight – 6th

Avery Owens – 7th

Harley Bush – 9th

Kyla Lee- 11th

Chantay Long -14th


Ean Wilder – 1st

Tyler Griffith- 2nd

Josiah McCoy – 4th

Issac Black – 5th

Coach Tuell is very proud of her runners

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team was Home on 09-09-2014 vs. Bedford North Lawerence (BNL) with the following result(s): JV lost 19-25, 13-25 Varsity lost 7-25, 10-25, 16-25

Leaders of the HERD:

Aces: Ashley Archer 1

Kills: Ashley Archer 4

Setting: Olivia Strother 5, Rachel Lowe 4

Digs: Kaitlyn Ingle 12

The Combined Varsity Cross Country team was Away on 09-09-2014 vs. Tri County Invite with the following result(s):

Varsity girls: 5th out of 8

Varsity boys: 7th out of 8

JV only had top 3 team scores…we were not in top 3

Congratulations to the boys and girls cross country teams for their finishes at a tough meet at Southridge in the Tri County Invitational. Blake Roberts finished 21st, Jon Godsey 31, Blake Terrell 36, Landon Tharp 41, Hunter Hamilton 45, Connor Henderson 49, Travis Mefford 50. Ali Kerby finished 23rd for the girls, followed by Becca Lowe 30, Kylene Baker 31, Avery Rogers 32, Riley Lowe 36, LExie Strange 39 and Abi Andis 40.

In the JV race, WIll Stroud finished 27, Jared Herd 29, Jacob Babcock 36, Tristan Manship 41, Landan Chastain 42, Damon Chastain 43Cody Murphy 44, Dathan Chastain 45, Victor Martinez 46

The Boys Varsity Tennis team was Home on 09-09-2014 vs. South Central with the following result(s):

South Central 3 Paoli 2 Singles 1.

Parker Gabhart (SC) def Jeff Kenney (P) 6-1 6-7 6-2 2.

Kyle Street (P) def Zach Goodwin (SC) 6-1 6-3 3.

Kyle Marshall (P) def Austin Schoen (SC) 6-3 6-1

Doubles 1. Turner/Hentrup (SC) def Yother/Deaton (P) 7-5 6-0 2.

: The Girls 8th Grade Volleyball team was Away on 09-09-2014 vs. Orleans with the following result(s):

8th won their match in 2 games. 25-20 in game 1 and 25-20 in game 2.

Sign Up for Blood Drive TODAY!

Students interested in donating blood at the Paoli High School Lost River Career Co-op Blood Drive this Friday are encouraged to sign up in the office before Friday. If students donate three times before graduation they will receive a red cord to wear for the ceremony and wil be eligible for a scholarship from the American Red Cross. Please sign up in the office today!



Chromebooks: What to Except

The new Chromebooks have great advantages in school, but they also have some problems. Rolled out a few days before the start of school for high school and some junior high students, students and teachers are still adjusting to the new devices.

“I feel like for the most part the Chromebooks have been a big success. We knew that there were going to be issues that we had to deal with as far as passwords and students having technical difficulties,” said Assistant Principal Amanda Crews.

The new Chromebooks are effective and they hold all you data in the drive so students can use it later. They also need to be charged every night to be used the next day at school.

On the bright side Chromebooks give students access to files at school or at home even if a student does not have the Wi-fi. Although it has good software, the school also has restrictions deemed not good or unuseful to students.

Insurance is available to parents to help cover some of the cost if their Chromebook is lost, stolen, or even damaged. A bag has been provided to help prevent dropping them which can be helpful to many students.

The school requires all student to have their Chromebooks muted at all times unless one of their teachers allows them permission to have their sound on during class. About every six hours a student will need to relogin to the web at school during school because of it will automatically log the user out after the set time.

“Technology is just a reality in our society today. So to allow students to learn the way that they live would benefit any student,” said Crews.

Story by Codie Emmons

Play it out with tennis

Seventh grader Dalton Crawford hits a ground stroke.

Photos by Katie May

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