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Students See a SADD Convocation



On Tuesday, August 19, PHS and it’s students were given the opportunity to listen to SADD, Students Against Driving Drunk founder, Robert Anastas in the auditorium.

“Mr. Anastas has been delivering his powerful message for a very long time.  He understands the tough decisions students are faced with and encourages students to make the right choice by tell them to take their weaknesses and make them their strengths.  We were very fortunate to have him come to our school,” said principal Todd Hitchcock.

Anastas shared his tear-jerking story about how he, as a coach at Wayland High School in Massachusetts, lost two players, ages 17 and 19, to bad decisions.  

Anastas shared that if students get on the right track now in high school, it will carry throughout life. Anastas also shared that seventy-five percent of kids will give in to peer pressure and bad decisions and encourages students to be that twenty-five percent that does not and rises above the occasion.

For more information about Anastas and his foundation, students can visit the website ( for tips, questions or support.


Written by Brooklyn Dotts

Photo by Lily Thompson

Bonfire Brings Support for Fall Sports

On Tuesday, August 19, the Fall Sports Kick-off Bonfire was held after the Salem volleyball game. Students, players and staff members made their way to the bonfire area behind the football locker rooms.

 “It’s a great way to kickoff the fall athletic season,” said Principal Todd Hitchcock. “It’s great to see all of our athletes and students come out to support each other.”

 At the Bonfire the Pride of Paoli played and athletes who represented different fall sports talked a little about their upcoming seasons.

 The number of students represented at the Bonfire showed the students and staff support the Rams this season. Hitchcock commented at the Kick off Bonfire that all fall sports will have begun by this Friday.

Students watching the bonfire and enjoying themselves.

Students enjoyed the Bonfire Thursday night held near the football field. 

Written by Bailey Rankin

Photo by Lily Thompson

Paoli Vs. Salem Volleyball

Freshman Ashley Archer goes up for a serve in the JV volleyball game against Salem.

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Photos by Katie May and Noah Weiss

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