• DSC_0175

    Hard at Work

    Freshman Keely Adams works on an assignment in Donna Carr’s fifth period class. Photo by Chloe Weeks

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  • DSC_0035

    Stimulation for the Brain

    Senior Nate Burton experiments with the reactions of a Newton’s Cradle during his Chemistry II class. Photo By Olivia Becht

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  • DSC_0033

    Cooking Up Some Ideas

    Senior Malia Puckett and freshman Maddie King both search the internet for new recipes and new ideas for their class. Photo by Olivia Becht

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  • DSC_1112

    Fun at Drama Club

    Junior McKinley Haley and senior Daniel Hutcheson share a laugh during play rehearsal. The group is working on “Our Town”. Photo by Darrian Breedlove

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  • DSC_0008

    Drawing Up Answers

    Freshman Hunter Hamilton answers some questions for senior Riley Lowe about his experiences in the art class, taught by Chris Jones. Photo by Olivia Becht

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  • DSC_0176

    Around the World

    Freshman Keely Adams works on German in the language lab class. Photo by Chloe Weeks.

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  • DSC_0001

    Safety First

    Freshman Kendra Troutman is putting on safety glasses in Jason Poe’s biology class. Photo by Chloe Weeks

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Dress up days next week for Sectional are as follows:

Dress up days next week for Sectional are as follows:

Monday-Black out
Tuesday-Neon (Pick up a neon mustache in the office for 25 cents!)
Wednesday- Animal print
Thursday-Wacky tourist
Friday- Construction
Saturday- Purple & Gold
Hall Decorating Contest
When: after school MONDAY, MARCH 2ND from 3:30-5:30–All hallways must be finished and cleaned up by 5:30 and each class will be given the same supplies to complete their hallway. You can bring your own supplies to use as well.
Where: Each class will decorate their designated hallway
Who: Everyone can participate! See a Booster Club member in your class and join their team!
Theme: Construction–“We’re working on a Sectional win!”
The winner of the contest will be painted on the spirit bench!

PHS News Today for Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This video doesn’t exist

Our Town Work

High School Drama Club rehearsing their new play “Our Town”.

Photos by Travis Mefford

Dress-up Days for this week are…

Dress-up Days for this week are…

Monday- Rest up for Sectional (wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.)
Tuesday- Beach (Dress tropical for school AND the game)
Thursday- What’s your status? Wear red if you are in a relationship, pink if it’s complicated, and white if you’re single.
Friday- White out (Wear your white to school AND to the game)
Saturday- All out PURPLE and GOLD
Come help us decorate after school on MONDAY!
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